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The Use of Measurements in Sexing Common Murres from Newfoundland

The Wilson Bulletin
Threlfall, William and Mahoney, Shane P.

The Common Murre (Uria aalge) is a widely distributed species that shows substantial geographic variation based on coloration and measurements. The subspecies occurring in Newfoundland is U. aalge aalge. When studying the breeding biology of any species, the ability of investigators to distinguish between adult males and females obviously gives a more complete picture of the roles played by each sex.

The spatial structure of habitat selection

A caribou’s-eye-view
Acta Oecologica
Stephen J. Mayora, James A. Schaefer, David C. Schneider, Shane P. Mahoney

Greater understanding of habitat selection requires investigation of the scales at which organisms perceive and respond to their environment. Such knowledge could reveal the relative importance of factors limiting populations and the extent of response to habitat changes, and so guide conservation initiatives. The authors conducted a novel, spatially explicit analysis of winter habitat selection by caribou (Rangifer tarandus) in Newfoundland, Canada, to elucidate the spatial scales of habitat selection.

Spectrum of Selection

New Approaches to Detecting the Scale-Dependent Response to Habitat
Ecological Society of America
S. J. Mayor, J. A. Schaeffer, D. C. Schneider, S. P. Mahoney

Detecting habitat selection depends on the spatial scale of analysis, but multi-scale studies have been limited by the use of a few, spatially variable, hierarchical levels. The authors developed spatially explicit approaches to quantify selection along a continuum of scales using spatial (coarse-graining) and geostatistical (variogram) pattern analyses at multiple levels of habitat use (seasonal range, travel routes, feeding areas, and microsites).

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Acta Oecologica

Acta Oecologica is a venue for the publication of original research articles in ecology; including ecosystem ecology, community ecology, population ecology, conservation ecology, and evolutionary ecology.  Both theoretical and empirical papers are welcome, but combinations are particularly sought.


Alces is scientific journal devoted to the biology and management of moose.  Alces invites original manuscripts describing studies of biology and the management of moose throughout their circumpolar distribution, as well as other ungulate or carnivore species that overlap their range.

Biological Conservation

Biological Conservation is an international leading journal in the discipline of conservation biology.  It publishes high-quality articles spanning a diverse range of fields that contribute to the biological, sociological, and economic dimensions of conservation and natural resource management.

Canadian Journal of Zoology

The Canadian Journal of Zoology, published since 1929, reports on primary research contributed by respected international scientists in the broad field of zoology, including behavior, biochemistry and physiology, developmental biology, ecology, genetics, morphology and ultrastructure, parasitology and pathology, and systematics and evolution.


Founded in 1920, Ecology publishes articles that report on the basic elements of ecological research with emphasis on concise and clear writing that documents important ecological phenomena.  It publishes a broad array of research that includes a rapidly expanding envelope of subject matter, techniques, approaches, and concepts.


Écoscience is a multidisciplinary journal published quarterly by the Université Laval. It creates a forum for all ecologists and publishes original work focusing on patterns and processes at various temporal and spatial scales and at different levels of biological organization.

Forest Ecology and Management

Forest Ecology and Management publishes articles that link forest ecology with forest management.  It focuses on the application of biological, ecological, and social knowledge to the management and conservation of plantations and natural forests.  The scope of the journal includes all forest ecosystems in the world.


Ibis is the official journal of the British Ornithologists’ Union.  It publishes original papers, reviews, and short communications reflecting the forefront of research activity in ornithological science, but with special emphasis on the conservation, ecology, methodology, ethology, and systematics of birds.

International Journal of Environmental Studies

The International Journal of Environmental Studies is an international, peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research.  The environment is understood to comprise the natural and the man-made, and their interactions: including such matters as pollution, health effects, analytical methods, political approaches, and social impacts.

Journal of Mammalogy

The Journal of Mammalogy has been the flagship publication of the American Society of Mammalogists since 1919.  It promotes interest in mammals by the publication of original and timely research on all aspects of the biology of mammals.  Topics include behavior, conservation, ecology, genetics, morphology, physiology, and taxonomy.

Journal of Wildlife Management

The Journal of Wildlife Management, an official publication of The Wildlife Society, publishes original research contributing to wildlife science.  It features investigations into the biology and ecology of wildlife and their habitats with implications for wildlife management and conservation within the context of contemporary management and conservation issues.

Molecular Ecology

Molecular Ecology publishes papers that utilize molecular genetic techniques to address consequential questions in ecology, evolution, behavior, and conservation.  Studies may employ neutral markers for inference about ecological and evolutionary processes or examine ecologically important genes and their products.

Molecular Ecology Resources

Molecular Ecology Resources publishes articles on technical methods, computer programs and genomic resource development, and new tools for molecular genetic studies in natural populations.  It also publishes empirical and theoretical papers on DNA barcoding and reviews of recent technical advances in the field of molecular ecology.


Rangifer is the world’s only scientific journal dealing exclusively with the biology and management of arctic and Northern ungulates, reindeer and caribou, in particular.  It publishes original research papers, review articles, and brief communications in all themes and fields related to Northern ungulates, and reindeer husbandry.

The Canadian Field Naturalist

The Canadian Field Naturalist is a peer-reviewed, scientific journal publishing papers by amateur and professional naturalists and field biologists, reporting observations and results of investigations in any field of natural history, provided they are original, significant, and relevant to Canada.

The Forestry Chronicle

The Forestry Chronicle is published to provide information to forest practitioners about professional and scientific management of forests and their resources, and provides forest practitioners in Canada and around the world with a means to communicate with their peers in the professional community.

Wildlife Biology

Wildlife Biology is published bimonthly by the Nordic Council for Wildlife Research.  It welcomes articles from around the world and accepts theoretical, empirical, and practical manuscripts from all areas of wildlife science with the primary task of creating the scientific basis for the enhancement of wildlife management.

Wildlife Society Bulletin

The Wildlife Society Bulletin, published by The Wildlife Society, is a journal for wildlife practitioners.  It features articles about contemporary wildlife management and conservation, education, administration, and law enforcement, as well as review articles on the philosophy and history of wildlife management and conservation.